Our Homeschool Music Program is open to any homeschoolers in Southeast Idaho that would like to attend. These are taught from the middle of August (start date August 21) to the end of April (end date April 25). Cost is $25 per child, per month. We have kept costs low to enable families to enroll multiple children. If you'd like to pay for an entire semester at once, it will be $85 a semester. 


The one-time registration fee is just that—one-time. It covers a t-shirt, a fold-up music stand (for the orchestra members), and all music that they will be using while in that class—the whole time they’re in it! (Additional t-shirts will be available for purchase as needed.)

Beginning Orchestra (Ages 8+) —Tuesdays 1:30-2:30pm, $110 Registration, $25/month

Children taking beginning orchestra need to be 8 years old or older, OR have previous musical experience AND permission from the director(s). The child will need to have their own musical instrument. Music & Families has quite a few instruments for sale or rent, as do several other music stores in the area. Beginning orchestra is intended for violin, viola, cello, and bass. Please indicate in the sign-up form or call if you need help deciding on an instrument or finding out what size you need. 

Voce Animato Choir (Ages 5-9)—Thursdays 1:00pm-2:00pm, $60 Registration, $25/month

 This choir is geared towards younger kids who still just want to have fun learning about music through fun songs and games. Folk songs, action songs and more will help them as they're developing pitch and learning how to sing, in preparation to join Voce Magico or other show choirs in the future.

Voce Magico Choir (Ages 10-18) - Thursdays 2:00-3:00pm, $60 Registration, $25/month

Voce Magico is our top choir - for kids who are old enough to work hard at singing well and participating fully. Younger kids might be able to join if they have prior experience and a mature attitude (Director permission required). 



Chamber Strings is still in the works for Intermediate to Early Advanced Students!

We also have occasional day camps, ukulele camps, and other events and classes you and your children may be interested in! Follow Music & Families on Facebook to find out more! 

Click here for fun options for the rest of the family to do while their children/siblings are in class. (There is not any extra room at Music & Families for families to hang out, though parents are always welcome to come observe occasionally.)

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Meet the Teacher:

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Larene Frei


Larene was born and raised in Blackfoot, Idaho. She homeschooled from 7th-12th grade and then attended Idaho State University as a Piano Performance major. She met her husband, Barry, in their music theory class, and they were married at the end of the semester. Larene and Barry have five children ages 4-15 (three girls and two boys) that they have homeschooled from day one.  

Larene is passionate about music. She started playing the piano when she was six, and the violin at eight; she started teaching both when she was fourteen. She loves to sing and has studied voice and vocal instruction with Paul Harms. Larene loves to play music with other people, and especially enjoys accompanying instrumental and vocal soloists on the piano. She plays in the Snake River Orchestra.

In 2008 Larene and her father, Claude Nielsen, started Music & Families. Larene now runs the store and teaches many private music students in piano, violin, mandolin, ukulele and voice. 

Larene believes strongly that God has a mission for every person that comes to this earth. She is passionate about helping her children and students find and prepare for those missions. She believes in lifelong learning and enjoys studying and furthering her education each day.