The Music & Families Repair Shop is here for all your instrument needs.  We recommend a yearly check-up for your instrument at our shop.  If your instrument becomes difficult to play, or if the joints become too tight or too loose, bring it in for inspection any time.  Instruments should be brought in to our shop for checking and maintenance at least yearly in order to keep them playing well for you.  You can do a lot to care for your instrument:

Before playing your instrument, make sure your mouth is clean.

  • No food or soda for 45 minutes before playing.  If you must, at least rinse your mouth with water.   It would be best is to brush your teeth just before playing.

  • It’s also a good idea to wash your hands before playing.

Each time after playing: Slide each valve part way out and oil it with a few drops of lubricating oil.

Once per week (or more): Remove valves , wipe down and oil. (Don’t get felt wet).


Once per month bathe trumpet with gentle detergent in warm water. Use a trumpet snake in all tubes when bathing trumpet.

Neglecting the cleaning will cause bacteria to build up inside the instrument.


Purchase a maintenance kit, including slide grease.  Apply minimal amount of slide grease to each slide as necessary.  Use valve brush weekly to clean the valve casings.  Spit balls are great for weekly cleaning.

Valves are bound to stick once in a while. Make sure when you play, you are pushing straight down on the valves.  This will minimize valve sticking.

Clean horn = Good health  

 Please take a moment and read this article. The health of someone you know could be at risk!


Chemical Clean

The instrument is completely disassembled and chemically cleaned. Accessible dents are removed, valves and slides refit.

There will be an extra charge for excessive dent work, solder work, very stuck slides, and serious valve work.


Mechanical Overhaul

Get in play condition plus all new corks and felts